By Yasmin Boland and Rebekah Debono

Full Moons are intense by nature.

They are when all our emotions come to the surface, after all.

And Scorpio is arguably the most intense star sign of them all. (And before you get all judge-y, remember we ALL have Scorpio somewhere in our chart, it’s just how astrology works …)

So … put the Full Moon and Scorpio together and we have the makings of a high old time energetically-speaking.

This Full Moon will shine its light on to our sub-conscious. Our job is to use it to melt all that no longer serves us.

The Full Moon is always time to release. Surrender. Forgive. And never more so than at the time of the Full Moon in Scorpio. Scorpio, it has to be said, holds a grudge like no other.

But if you want to live consciously, it’s time to release!

Rebekah Debono writes: Myrrh essential oil is an amazing tool to utilize during this time as it is commonly used in rituals to restore, regenerate release and rebirth.

It clears the air, is used often in divination, regenerates the spirit and restores clarity. The scent is said to boost the spirit and the soul, making it a must have for the full moon yoga ritual described below.

During this Full Moon, you can ask yourself, what is toxic and what is not? Can it be changed, or maybe is it time to make the change? This Full Moon emphasises a purge.

So rather than giving up, take this Full Moon in Scorpio as a time to energise your soul power by digging deep and looking at where you need to detox your feelings, your behaviour, your life.

The Full Moon and ritual

Tap into this amazing Full Moon in Scorpio through a ritualised Full Moon Yoga, Meditation & journaling session.

For this ritual you will need candles, a little (or big!) Ganesha statue or one of any other God or Goddess you are devoted to, your journal, your Moonology cards, a yoga mat, some crystals to heighten the experience – for example Citrine, Moonstone, Pyrite or Jade stone, palo santo or sage – and Myrrh essential oil in the purest form to assist you through the release and renewal.

How to…

  • Place the God or Goddess of your choice by your Yoga mat
  • Have your journal by your Moonology cards
  • Unroll your Yoga mat
  • Do 12 Chandra Namaskar (Moon salutations) one for each Full Moon of the year
  • When done, sit in a grounding meditation
  • Feel what comes up, journal it, write what you would like to release
  • After the fire has burned, take a card, for guidance. Make a note in your journal about how it relates to your experience.
  • Tear the sheets out of your journal and put them in a METAL pot, light your sage or palo santo and burn it.
  • While it burns watch the flames release all that you are releasing and visualise your desires coming into fruition

Then when your all done put a couple of drops of Myrrh essential oil in your palms, rub vigorously and take 5 deep breaths holding each one for 5 seconds.

When you’re done, rest or even go to sleep, feeling lighter and peaceful with yourself.

If you don’t have Myrrh, get the best here from my DoTERRA. Just click Join & Save, if you’re not already a member and sign up.

I hope that Rebekah and I will be doing more posts like these as the year unfolds.

Rebekah Debono is also known as the Maltese Mystic Yogi. In July this year she will be holding a very special yoga retreat for a limited number of people in the Maldives. I highly recommend you check it out, if it speaks to you! All the details are here.


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