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The Moonology cards came after the book and surprised everyone by becoming amongst the best-selling oracle cards in the whole wide world.

I have a cosmic theory as to why this happened!

Throughout the entire process of writing the oracle cards, I was wrestling with how to do it.

As a former journalist, I felt as though I knew how to write a book, but writing oracle cards? That was a total unknown. The thing is, oracle cards need to somehow mysteriously work on some unseen level! How to do that?

I was really struggling with the process and worried that they weren’t working. My head was spinning and I was panicking as the delivery deadline drew closer!

During this process, I happened to have a chat with my lovely friend and fellow Hay House author Rebecca Campbell, author of Light Is The New Black, Rise sister Rise and Letters To A Star Seed.

I explained to her that I was just feeling lost. She said “Why don’t you do some ceremonies around them?” In other words, do some dedication work and ask for assistance from the Divine.

Her comments were like a bolt of lightening going off in my head! How on earth had I not thought of this myself? I love doing ceremonies and rituals!

So I started doing them every day as I wrote the cards. I would chant to Ganesha and the Goddess Narayani over a fire, seeing all my insecurity around them going into the fire and asked for inspiration as. My theory is that it was these ceremonies which filled them with Divine energy, explaining why they’ve been so lovingly received around the world!

I’ve made a video explaining how to use the oracle cards

Do you use the cards yourself? What’s your favourite spread to do with them? Let me know!

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And check back in tomorrow when I’ll be revealing what led me to turn Moonology into an online course.