Hope the New Moon we literally just had is inspiring you!

Did you make your wishes yet?

At the end of them, did you say one of the following?

– For the good of all, or not at all

– Om Namo Narayani (Sanskrit for “I surrender to the Divine”)

– Under grace in perfect ways

Saying one of these three phrases is super important when you’re manifesting, because it takes the pressure off YOU to get all your wishes 100% right.

Just say you were hoping to – for a random example – go ice skating with a group of friends. Let’s say for whatever reason, this really mattered to you, to the point you decided to include doing this as a wish in your New Moon list.

Now let’s just say that on the day you were going to go ice skating with friends, something even more amazing happened, or maybe someone at home really needed to you, or perhaps you went ice skating and fell on your butt and hurt yourself …

… those would seem to have been good reasons NOT to go ice skating. right?

Which is why you never want to force anything and which is why saying one of the 3 phrases listed above is so crucial when you’re Moon manifesting.

It’s kind of a random example, but I hope you get the point!

So if you didn’t already speak one of those three magical phrases out loud, say them now!

Just announce to the Universe > when it comes to my New Moon wishes this month, I send them out with love – for the good of all or not at all!

Or something like that. Think of doing this as a cosmic insurance policy.

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