Scorpio Daily Horoscope – 23 August 2021 | Yasmin Boland

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The sun is now moving into your eleventh house, the part of your chart known as your wishing zone. Therefore, be careful what you wish for in the next four weeks! According to an expert astrologer, Jan Spiller, our 11th house is where many of our wishes come true. The wishes you make at this time are likely to manifest in some way. Pay special attention to the day when the new moon arrives. The new moon, while your sun is in the 11th house, is the hottest wishing day of the entire year. Use this time to connect with your desires and manifest your dreams. If you have any rituals for manifestation, now is the time to pull those out. You might even try creating a vision board if you’re not sure where to start. You could be surprised in six months when you look back at it! PS We are in the waning cycle of the Moon now … it’s time let it all go! If you love to work with the Moon, subscribe to our free Moon Lite Collective here.