Scorpio Daily Horoscope – 16 June 2022 - Yasmin Boland

Venus is the planet of love and abundance and she is soon going to be changing signs. Here’s what that means for you.
So how do you feel about having some love in your life? Or if you are lucky enough to know that you have love in your life, how about a bit of EXTRA love in your life? The planet of love, Venus, is about to move into your Love Zone. This happens once a year and in astrology, is technically called a double whammy! Why? Love planet in your Love Zone. It sounds good, don’t you think? It’s a time for you to spend time with people you love, to think about what you want from love and to work on your most important one-to-one relationships. Singles who would like to meet someone have excellent Stars. Couples have a chance to fall back in love with each other. If you’re in a relationship which is falling short of the mark, it’s the time when you might remember what your priorities are in love and decide not to lower your standards any longer! Do reach out to anyone you care about that you have been cut off from of late. It’s a good time for relating to everyone, including people who for a while have felt more like a foe than a friend. Love is all around!
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