A serious mood turns into something much more friendly and social as the Moon shifts from Capricorn into Aquarius today, so we turn from dealing with practical and organizational matters into expressing our ideas and connecting with our peers. But the big news is that this is the day that the Sun joins with the love planet, Venus. This lends an atmosphere of bubbly pleasure to a day where small irritations might otherwise get your goat. So focus on the positive today and open your heart to all the joys in life!

For you Lions, this is one of those days you’ve been waiting for! Love and pleasure not only beckon, they are holding up big signs in your face directing you to relax and enjoy it all! The Moon moving into Aquarius lights up your relationship sector, so connecting one-on-one is important today. And as the Sun kisses Venus today in your own sign, it’s a purrrrrfect time for loving up your present or anticipated sweetheart! Tonight is a night to enjoy!

Yasmin Boland is on holidays. Your forecast today was written by Ra Rishikavi Raghudas

“People who forgive readily let go and are thus liberated from, years, even decades, of suffering, anger, guilt, bitterness, hatred, unworthiness. ” – James V Hardt, the Biocybernaut Institute. Need to let go of anger and move on? Now is the time! Our free kit here is designed to help you do exactly that!

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