Gemini Daily Horoscope – 23 August 2021 | Yasmin Boland

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The 4th house rules your personal life, which is in the spotlight now. Expect to spend the next four weeks doing some deep introspection about your path and how you got to where you are now. You may revisit past events, especially ones related to family issues and relationships. This is a time when your parents in particular are likely to take center stage. You might feel the need to reconnect with them, and it is encouraged to do so at this time. Also in focus is your home. Use this time to reflect on how happy you are where you live, your lifestyle, who you are living with, and what you wish to change. If someone or something from your past is troubling you still, now is the time to go inwards and release it so that you can move forward. PS We are in the waning cycle of the Moon now … it’s time let it all go! If you love to work with the Moon, subscribe to our free Moon Lite Collective here.