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As the current lunar cycle comes to a finish, the Moon and Pluto make a powerful connection today. This can be an emotionally intense time with misunderstandings that could leave to long-lasting repercussions. The difficulties will typically stem from people being overly sensitive and reading far more into the situation than the situation actually deserves. Be clear about your intentions both in thought and action and if you have it in your head that you can pull the wool over someone’s eyes, a word of advice: don’t even try it today.
‘Power dressing’ comes to mind with today’s planetary connection but generally, you are concerned that others see you with just the right kind of power irrespective of how you appear. Whichever way you choose to handle this heavy energy, make sure you put some genuine kindness into the mix. People are very sensitive to perceived misuses of power and you don’t want to be seen as misusing yours. The real power just may be in the memories you are creating.

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