Capricorn Daily Horoscope – 12 May 2022 | Yasmin Boland

Today’s Moon in Virgo opposite to Neptune in Pisces calls for more care and attention to detail. It’s very easy to become distracted or perhaps it is challenging to find the most efficient way of getting things done. Being clear of purpose, paying attention to details and putting effort into focusing on what you should be doing is the best antidote to coping with this kind of energy. It is also a great day to pay closer attention to your dreams or to even deliberately set some time aside for daydreaming.
It may have been frustrating for you to have received so many mixed messages and unclear instructions. You like to keep things as efficient as possible and to see such a muddle of mistakes—that you feel responsible to sort out—means you need some time to recover. However, the good news is this confusing time is coming to end and the smoke is starting to clear. You have friends around you that will support you and, even better, help you clear up.
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