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The Cosmic Column is an overview of the astrological weather for the week ahead. It’s the same for everyone as it’s taking a long look at the overall energies which are affecting everyone. Then we drill down on what it means for YOU in your Monday to Saturday horoscopes.
I’m writing this in December 2020. From where I sit now, there’s really no way of knowing exactly what’s going to be happening as we get to mid-February.

I can tell you what the astrology says though; it says that we are still going to be feeling restricted. Maybe we’re still being asked to wear masks. Maybe we’re still being asked to socially distance. Maybe we still can’t fly around the world as freely as we would all like to. Maybe we’re not as far into the vaccine roll out as we had hoped.

Why do I say all this? Because this week, and again later in 2021, we’re getting a rather nasty series of Saturn/Uranus clashes.
In the context of the on-going pandemic aftermath and aftershocks, it really does sound like people metaphorically rattling their front gates, wanting to be let out! Or it could be people throwing their masks to the ground, refusing to toe the line anymore. It could be about people deciding that they’re mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore.

Whatever it is, it’s about people who are not happy about their freedom being curtailed. That’s the most difficult aspect of this week’s astrology, as we head towards the Full Moon next week. (If the governments of the world had astrologers, they would have seen this coming, just by the way!)

So, what to do?

We all have to handle things the best way we can. Raging against the machine might feel good in the moment but we need to think of others as well, right? Whatever the case, my bet is that we haven’t reached the end of this just yet. It’s a bet I will be super happy to lose!

written star-white-gemini