This week brings one of the best planetary alignments of 2019. It’s between the planet of plenty, Jupiter, and the planet of radical turnarounds and change, Uranus.

If you’ve been wanting to make big changes in your life this year and somehow you still haven’t managed to get your head in the right space, don’t give up!

Remember that years are literally just man-made construct. They are not real. Just because you start something at the very end of the year, doesn’t reduce its ability to produce a great outcome.

Jupiter is the planet of all good things. Uranus is the planet that helps us create radical change in our lives. Their connection this week is extremely good news for anyone who knows that they could be living a better life.

Jupiter is connecting to Uranus like this because it’s now moved into the sign of Capricorn. This happened two weeks ago.

So Jupiter is now in Capricorn, while Uranus is in Taurus.

As you might know, Capricorn and Taurus are both earth signs, so they’re now making a very harmonious alignment now.

Our job is to tap into it.

As for what it means on a personal level, it mean something different for everyone. Find out in this free PDF here.

Remember that Jupiter is the planet that promises and promises. The good news is that quite often it also delivers! I just gave a workshop about what Jupiter means for all the signs now that it’s moved into Capricorn.

What you also need to know though, is that Jupiter in Capricorn is joining Saturn, Pluto and the South node which are already there and which have been so strongly influencing 2019.

In some ways, the good luck planet Jupiter is bringing up the rear in terms of the challenges and explosions many of us have been experiencing in our lives.

Hopefully Saturn and Pluto have brought you stability and a detox. But if not, Jupiter arriving in Capricorn now can help you get the most out of the current quite gnarly astrology!

If you’d like to know more, check out my Jupiter in Capricorn workshop, where I talked all about this subject plus the fact of Saturn and Pluto also influencing us.

The workshop was held in London and also covered everything from the mythology around Jupiter to why we shouldn’t get complacent to how to harness the Jupiter good fortune on offer.

Have a stupendous week, and be sure to harness the good luck in the air to make radical changes in your life asap.

PS For your free PDF and workshop info, click here.

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