So what is up in the skies?

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Every month as I sit down to write this column, I open up my ephemeris and look at the planetary “aspects” for the month ahead. That’s a list of where all the planets are for the month ahead. For example, will angry Mars clashing with Saturn or harmonising with Pluto? Will Venus be whispering sweet nothings with Mercury? Will Uranus be making us all feel a little bit crazy?

There are some months when I open the charts and think “Oh my heavens!” Actually those are the months when I feel as though its most essential stay in touch with the astrology for the month ahead. That’s because when the planets are clashing, we have a big chance to change, but it can be very disruptive and even a bit traumatising at times.
Then there are months like this one, when I open up the chart, and see pretty much nothing too worrying.

This month They really is nothing too much to be alarmed about. Yes there is a bit of a clash between Chiron an Mars. And yes, Mercury will be squaring Neptune. I will go into that a bit below. But there are no eclipses, no new retrograde, and no hideous clashes to contend with.

Overall, I would say the main message of the month ahead is that things are easing up an it’s time to show what the past few months have taught us. No matter which sign you are, Expect life to be a little bit easier. In particular, if you’ve learned the lessons that the universe is been trying to teach you for the past few months.

Saturn and Pluto retrograde

What we have happening in the skies right now, in case you haven’t caught on yet, is Saturn and Pluto are in the same sign for the first time in a very long time. This is a very big deal because they are both such incredibly powerful planets. As it happens, they are in the sign of Capricorn. But they affect us all in different ways. Here’s a run down of where they are affecting everyone … please read your rising sign if you know it because you will get a far more accurate reading. Don’t know your rising sign but you would like to find it out for free, visit

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What it means sign by sign…

Aries – it’s all to do with your career
Taurus – it’s to do with travel, study, adventure and the great cosmic quest
Gemini – it’s to do with sex and money
Moonchild – it’s to do with your love life
Leo – it’s all about your daily work and health routines
Virgo – it’s to do with children, creativity and romance
Libra – it’s all to do with your home life
Scorpio – it’s about the way you’re communicating with other people and what you’re thinking
Sagittarius – it’s to do with cash property and positions
Capricorn – you may or may not be surprised to hear, that this intensity is basically affecting your whole life!
Aquarius – it’s to do with your spiritual journey and also about blowing up your fears
Pisces – it’s to do with your friendships, your networks and your hopes and wishes

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