So here we are at the end of the year and what have we all learned?

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One of the most important things to do as we head towards New Year is to take stock of the 21 months just gone. What are you grateful for? If you want to have a better 2018, here’s a little exercise for you to you any day this moth.

For a start, process the year. There will always be highs and lows, and while it’s important to focus on the positive, we do need to work through negatives too.

If we don’t take the time to make peace with difficulties, the upset about them can get lodged in us as resentment, bitterness etc, and that eventually goes toxic and starts to poison our lives.

So take a good few minutes to write down whatever you need to, that you want to release. “Express” it. List the downsides, the upsets, the negatives. People you upset, people who upset you, situations you felt were unfair or just unpleasant. Write it down.

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Then – here’s the kicker – send love to everyone on the list. Yes, really.

On a cosmic level, everyone is doing the best with what they have in their resources. So forgive anyone who has hurt you. Send them love if you possibly can, and then move on.

Finally, (and this bit is really important), burn the list! It’s over. You’ve made peace and you’re moving on.

Next take some time to make a gratitude list. Write down the top 10 things (or more) which you are truly thankful for. Put at least as much energy into this list.

Write it all out. Include the details and allow yourself to feel the joy you felt about it all over again. Feel it in your body. Being grateful puts you in the present and it’s in the present where you can create your future.

Once you have made your gratitude list (which you can keep), make another one. This time write out what you want for yourself in 2019. Make a plan. Create a list of intentions. Wish. Visualise yourself accomplishing all your goals. Literally spend time with your eyes closed (preferably with some uplifting music in your headphones) and feel the feeling of having your dreams come true.

Then leave this list somewhere you can see it throughout the year ahead, as a reminder of what you want to achieve.

This simple exercise can be life-changing!

Overall, December looks like a calm end to the year. There are no major planetary clashed to worry about. So end the year with as much gratitude for the past and present and confidence about the future as you can.

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Top 5 Power Dates Of The Month

1. December 1 – there could be unexpected twists and turns to do with romance and riches today

2. December 7 – if you meditate or do yoga (etc) it’s a very powerful day for your practise

3. December 17 – very much a day to Get. Sh*t. Done. (Excuse the swearing!)

4. December 21 – an important day for communications

5. December 28 – good for love and money

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