Please don’t think of astrology as fortune-telling.

It’s not.

A fellow star-sister friend of mine told me the other day that she was advertising her online course and hired someone to help her with her Facebook ads. (Yes, even Goddesses and Priestesses use Facebook these days!)

The person she hired came back with ads which were all about “fortune tellers”.

But we astrologers are not fortune tellers!

Thanks to the series of rolling Saturn/Neptune alignments, 2019 is a year for learning about astrology and other mystical matters (as I have been saying all year) and here is a chance for people to learn.

> Astrology can make predictions and astrologers might be right if they have a clear enough grasp of the chart in the present. But astrologers are not fortune tellers. <

We create our own reality. That’s my opinion anyway.

Astrology is less about seeing the future and more about letting you know the conditions you are likely to be encountering.

For whatever unfathomable reason, astrology works as you and anyone will see if they test it. Maybe that’s why it’s having a moment now.

It’s much easier to learn astrology now than it was 10 years ago. Even I have a Learn Astrology course – it’s here! People rave about it. Honestly they do.

I believe astrology works because we are all connected to all life everywhere and enough people are into it – as a thought form.

Astrology is an extremely useful cosmic timer and great for helping one to attempt to evolve.

I am not sure but I suspect the very reason we are here at all is for our spirit to … evolve.

So that’s your Saturn/Neptune thought for the day…