Do you need a second chance?

If you think a second chance is what you need to success, you could be about to get exactly what you want because, according to astrological theory, we are about to move into a season of second chances, thanks to some rare planetary activity as six planets retrograde, heralding re-dos and second chances! Click here for more info and to sign up for my free email series.

And today… the Moon moves into Libra. Here is what it means – from my book Moonology.

Daily Moon in your 6th House … The 6th House is the part of your chart where you worry less about what others can do for you and more about what you can do for others. How can you be of service? What do other people need and how can you help them to get it? Even if you think of yourself most of the time, when the Moon is in this part of your chart you have a chance to create some good karma for yourself by doing as you would be done by without a thought for being paid back. This is also a great time to think about your health. If you’ve departed from the straight and narrow, use the Moon in this part of your chart to recommit to a healthy lifestyle. The Moon here will support your decision. This can be a very productive time, during which you can get a lot done, so no slacking off. It’s also a great day to tidy everything.

The Libra Moon and LOVE…

The Moon in Libra today will also bring matters related to the heart to the top of your agenda. Want to know what’s coming up in your love life? Try our a free sample of our Love Life Forecast chart here.