As we move closer to the New Moon eclipse, it’s time to tune into the universe. To do that, today and tomorrow, I will be drawing you a completely random card from my forthcoming Moonology oracle deck. This deck doesn’t come out until next month so it’s very much a sneak preview (though you can pre-order it here if you want to be one of the first people to get your hands on it!) To get the most out of today’s reading, here is what you need to do:
1. Think of a question
2. Read on …
Your card is…


Sometimes you need to weave a bit of magic and sometimes you need be practical. And sometimes you need to find a combination of the two and make some practical magic. This card suggests that’s where you are now. You need to use the Law of Attraction to draw in what you want (by imagining it, expecting it, welcoming it) but you need to balance that out with taking practical steps towards your goals. This is not about wishing on the Moon and hoping for the best. It’s about making something like a bullet points list about how to achieve your dreams. If you’re enquiring about money, this card heralds a change of financial fortunes. For the better or worse? That depends on your past actions and also what you’re expecting (and therefore attracting).
PS As we move towards the New Moon eclipse… I don’t know about you but it has been intense at this end! The retrogrades are adding to the thrills! Have you noticed? If you want to work with the eclipse, Yasmin Boland’s Moon Info Sheets have been specifically designed to help you do that. To celebrate the eclipse, you have get them with 20%-30% off here.