I just had the most intense week. How about you?


We had the first of the Saturn/Neptune sextiles and I certainly did some learning about working with the Divine and manifesting.


Surrender was a big theme for me this week.


  • How much surrender is enough surrender?
  • Who are we surrendering to?
  • Is the Divine therefore definitely within and without?


I just had an email from a reader who is manifesting a new job. She said “I have been manifesting like crazy”. I suggested she surrenders it all up to the Divine now and her reply was “Surrender as in chill?”


This was a massive lesson to me. I realised that I talk about surrender a lot but maybe don’t always explain it. So in the spirit of Saturn/Neptune…


What is surrender?


I doubt there is a textbook definition of surrender but if I had to make one it would be; trusting in the Divine with your whole entire life.


  1. Real surrender isn’t easy. I can usually only manage it a few seconds at a time!
  2. The Divine doesn’t judge


It begs the question – who is the Divine?


I had a very interesting conversation with “the psychic of Wall Street”, Laura Day, this week. We met “on air” on my weekly Hay House radio show which I love doing (she will be back on soon!)


We were chatting about life and surrender and Laura said “but who are you surrendering to?”


“The Divine!” I replied.


“But YOU ARE THE DIVINE!” she said in her kind New York voice.


Which got me to thinking… That’s more or less what my Indian spiritual teacher says too. That we are all Divine. The difference being that my teacher is self-realised but I am not.


Which made me think about my massive attraction for Goddesses – from Lakshmi and Saraswati and Durga, to Kuan Yin and Bridgid and everyone in between.


Connecting with Goddesses is something I think more and more women around the world are doing. I see it myself in my work. Maybe it’s because it connects us with our own (dare I say multi-dimensional!) Divinity, which is “the Divine” my teachers talk about.


Just a thought…


The thing is that you really DON’T want to force things.


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