Reclaiming 'the Goddess Saraswati Star'*, Algol

How rare binary star Algol may be linked to the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine.

People whose charts feature prominent Algol placements include... Margot Fonteyn ... Mozart ... Johnny Depp ... Picasso ... Princess Diana

and ... Dame Nellie Melba, Salvador Dali, Van Gogh, Albert Einstein, Karl Abraham (psychoanalyst), Carl Jung, Ramakrishna (Indian saint), Muktananda (Indian mystic), Werner Erhard (guru "est"), , Al Gore (the name is close), Tony Prker, Enya, Dennis Hopper, Suagr Ray Leonard, Andrea Corr, Billy Joel, Glen Campbell, Liberace, Princess Diana, Prince William, Princess Caroline of Monaco, Zola Budd (runner), Erica de Jong (author), Mary Jo Kopechne, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Dean Martin, Ryan O'Neil, Josef Stalin, Pat Schroeder, Carl Sagan, Cecil B. De Mille (film producer), Isadora Duncan, Mata Hari (Spy), George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde, Michael Caine, Henry Fonda, Ruhollah Khomeini (Iranian leader), Stephen King, Florence Nightingale, Dame Margot Fonteyn, Enya, Madame de Pompadour, Katherine Hepburn, Christine Keeler, Martin Luther King.

Algol must be the most misunderstood of all the fixed stars - and is directly connected to Goddess energy. If you do a Net search on Algol, you will find yourself plunged into an abyss of misery - but there is no need to be scared.

Found in the constellation of Perseus, Algol represents Medusa, the most misunderstood of all the Goddesses -

Medusa's name comes from the Sanskrit Medha, which means 'sovereign feminine wisdom,' and is another name for the Goddess Saraswati who revealed language - speech and writing - to humans, and who governs science, music and the arts.

Click here to hear an Indian chant dedicated to Medha (Saraswati)

Could it be that Algol was originally feared by (mostly male) astrologers because they feared feminine wisdom? ~

Men scared of a wise women? Surely not?!

People whose charts feature Algol strongly include Johnny Depp (Mercury and Venus on Algol) and Mick Jagger (Moon on Algol), not to mention Mozart, Picasso and Einstein (who have Algol's powerful culminating degree in their charts). Another perfect example is Carl Sagan, who so brilliantly combined science and the arts. Writers George Bernard Shaw and Oscar Wilde are two more.

As Fixed Star expert Diana K. Rosenberg says: some born under these stars reach the very pinnacle of their professions, becoming “immortals”. Correct.

And Fixed Star expert Bernadette Brady adds: "This star seems to contain immense female passion and power. It is the power of the feminine or the potential power of Mother Nature, not to be called evil for being strong.” In that way, Algol is perhaps mostly about the power to create.

Medusa is one of the so-called powerful Dark Goddesses... (see here for an amazing photo of the Medusa Nebula in Gemini)

The Medusa Nebula

The slaying of the Medusa by Perseus [is] thought to be a mythic account of the transition from matriarchy to patriarchy

Writes Dr Glenys Livingstone: "The Dark Goddess... nurtures a strength, a fierce love that is purifying, liberating and creative. She knows the wisdom of the ages... (She) knows the necessity of the journey into her inner terrain, to fave with open eyes our deepest fears.

"Often we meet her unprepared - an accident, an illness, an emotional break; somehow we are broken down. Hers is an invitation to transformation that does indeed mean death to our old selves, old beliefs about ourselves. Usually we know somewhere that we have wanted it, but have not known how.

"Her dismembering, then, is an act of love, and in her cauldron at the bottom of the pit, we find our essence for remembering ourselves."

Says astrologer Kim Falconer: "Algol (representing Medusa) in the chart may indicate an place where the sacred feminine is most potent..." She adds we should stop looking at Algol and Medusa as negative. "Sometimes the thousands of years of gathered knowledge is thousands of years of bias. We just have to pick the baby up and then pull the plug!"

Now as the Comet Holmes lights up the constellation where Algol is found, it's hard not to wonder if this bright new energy shining down from us is not all about illuminating us mere mortals down here on Earth about how and why women and the Stars that represent our Goddesshood have been portrayed. Algol represents the Goddess who represents the move from matriachial to patrichial society. Hello.


Ceres - the soon-to-be-a-planet-asteroid - was discovered on January 1 1801. Ceres signifies The Great Mother. Ceres was conjunct (in the same place as) Algol, the Saraswati Star, at the moment of her discovery.

Now we have the mystical comet Holmes in the constellation of Perseus, the constellation of Algol. Holmes has stunned astronomers everywhere by brightening almost one million times - demanding our attention.

As Jonathan Cainer put it: In legend, Perseus killed Medusa and proudly held aloft her head. Medusa, though, was once synonymous with 'sovereign feminine wisdom.' Some scholars believe the patriarchal Greeks deliberately demonised her by depicting an ugly 'Gorgon'. The new bright explosion in the realm of Perseus may therefore portend the redress of an ancient imbalance. If so, expect a time soon, when strong, wise women begin to reclaim the spiritual and political leadership of society!

And where was Comet Holmes when it was discovered on November 6 1892? At 26 Taurus, the precise location of the Saraswati Star Algol today.

And when the asteroid Medusa was discovered in September 21, 1875 Pluto was conjunct Algol.

Meanwhile, October 2006 - saw a conjunction between the asteroids Medusa and Pallas-Athena. Most people only know the Homeric versions of the Medusa story - the Homeric-versions being "the male version". In the male version, Pallas-Athena was a very masculine Goddess who ordered the slaying of Medusa.

In the pre-Hellenic accounts of the Medusa story, Pallas-Athena and Medusa were actually harmonious and parts of the same beautiful triple Goddess. It was the male telling of their tale which saw them split asunder and set against each other.

Some scholars believe that the Greek and Roman Medusa myth, as told by Ovid, expresses the vanquishing of the great goddess religions as the male gods Zeus/Jupiter and Poseidon/Neptune gained power.

Others view it as expressive of the subjugation of women's bodies and enslavement of their spirit by a violent and oppressive male-oriented culture, which viewed Medusa's life-giving, creative, primal energy as threatening.


Australia's first Deputy Prime Minister is Julia Gillard - a Luscious Libran with an unaspected Sun - and a WOMAN -

Along with Hillary Clinton, Condie and Angela Merkel - Helen Clark, Prime Minister of New Zealand - Tarja Halonen, President of Finland - Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, President of Liberia - Mary McAleese, President of Ireland - Vaira Vike-freuberga, President of Latvia - Luisa Diogo, Prime Minister of Mozambique -

Are they all part of the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine, as predicted by the amazing Comet Holmes in Perseus?

And what of Benazir Bhutto? No one said it was going to be easy.

Do you think Medusa had an easy time of it?

You might say "What's so divine about those women?" and it's true they are far from the Barbie Doll, Stepford Wife or Playboy Bunny stereo-typed so-called "Divine Feminine". But is that really ALL it is means to be at the top of your feminine power? You could argue that yes, Playboy Bunnies are powerful - they can give men sexual feelings which render them powerless ... for at least 15 minutes!

But women have greater strengths and powers which they are also able to access, while remaining in touch with the yin femininity. Their deep sexuality, child-bearing ability, intution, female bonding, feminine wisdom, female rage, secret women's business, herbs, witches. Divine? Maybe. What so many men fear? Definitely.

As Fixed Star expert Bernadette Brady said of Algol, the most feared star in the skies, which represents Medusa, who represents the true Goddess: "Algol embodied everything that men feared in the feminine" - her power, her strength, her rage.

Algol is in the constellation of Perseus, here we now find the comet Holmes. And if you know your post-Hellenic myths, you know that Perseus slayed Medusa.

Again - where was Comet Holmes on the day it was discovered? 26 Taurus - exactly where Algol is today, in Perseus what's more.

Just like Ceres, representing The Great Mother, was exactly conjunct Algol the day it was discovered.

And where is Julia Gillard's Ceres, representing the Great Mother? Conjunct Algol.

Algol represents The Dark Goddess, the Powerful Woman who won't take any cr*p. Her slaying by Perseus represents the end of the matriachy by the patriachy. And now Comet Holmes is lighting up the Perseus constellation, as though a new day is dawning.

Real femininity is not to be feared because it's powerful. We need to get out heads around that.

Religious people tell us we are made in the image of God/dess. Is it so surprising, then, that we are all yin and yang. Men trying to be only "masculine" and women trying to be only "feminine" means not honouring the Diviinty within us all, since the Divine must surely be masculine and feminine. No? Yes? Unsure?

Just one last thing to consider; the oldest archeology on the planet points to a feminine-led, Goddess-worshipping culture. Before we all had sex education in schools, no one knew it took a man to get a woman pregnant. Weird, eh? Just thinking out loud...

Goddesses Goddesses Goddesses everywhere

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and here for a brilliant one about Medusa and her re-storying by ... blokes
(aka the patriachial narrative!)


"Serpent-haired Medusa was once a queen of the awesome powers of the dark moon.  She ruled over the regenerative mysteries of sex and death, and protected these magical rites from being discovered and abused by the uninitiated.  As the third, crone/destroyer aspect of the lunar triad, Medusa’s message was one of wisdom.  The patriarchy, in their fear of the wise woman, and the magical sexual (and healing) power of the feminine, demonized Medusa (as they did the other dark goddesses) into a monstrous figure of the devouring, castrating mother.

Medusa continues to haunt generations of men with her deadly power to turn them into stone with a glance from her evil eye.  The ancients projected this fear on the star of Agol in the constellation of Perseus.  Perseus is holding up the head of Medusa as a trophy of his conqurest, and Agol, known as the demon star, represents the eye in the Gorgon’s Head.  Agol is an eclipsing binary and is made up of two stars revolving around each other.  Approximately every sixty hours, when the fainter star passes in front of the brighter and hides or eclipses it, Agol gives a long, gradual “wink.”  The ancients explained this phenomenon as the winking of the demon’s eye still blinking after her body had been decapitated." More.

Perhaps it's Medusa's message that she is still watching us...

Pink's song STUPID GIRLS is also about all "this"...

Uncollated info

Eclipses of Algol are opportunities to bring to awareness
what needs erasing from the psychic chalk board.
Fixing in consciousness
equates with Medusa's "turning to stone." Bring to mind patterns of
belief and behavior that trouble the world to help eliminate them.
Know you can only erase what is out of accord with divine purpose.
When you feel a pattern break though it is important to bless the
energy released and send it to serve a good that you intend. This
is how transformation works. The window of opportunity is about
two hours, one hour either way of the exact time given below.

Drunvalo: On December 21 2012 when the world is supposed to either end or ascend, thanks to the Precession of the Equinox - "We're about to move into the constellation of Aquarius December 21 2012 - the magic date - that's when the Precession of the Equinox gets to the most distant away from the center of the galaxy and then for the next 13,000 it moves towards the center" On December 21 2012, the karmic South Node is conjunct Algol -