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Pisces daily horoscope – June 24 2018

Cosmic Girl

A mixed week…

It’s a mixed week this week as the planet of action, drive and determination, Mars, appears to slow right down and starts to move backwards in one of its rare retrograde cycles.

Whereas Mercury goes retrograde about four times a year, Mars only does so around once every two years.

What’s Mars retrograde?

So what does Mars retrograde “mean”. We need to look at it symbolically. Mars is usually the planet that rages ahead. It’s the engine of the zodiac. So how is a car with its engine running backwards? Yeah. Not all that functional!

When Mars is going backwards, you’re likely to get very frustrated very quickly if you try too hard to forge a new path. Far better to be content to run on the spot for a while, so to speak. In other words, don’t push too hard in this cycle and you won’t end up feeling like you’ve wasted a lot of energy.

The secret, as ever with astrology, is to learn honour the cycles. Just as we need to allow ourselves downtime in the Moon’s waning cycle (which we are in right now), so we need to take our foot off the accelerator pedal as Mars reverses.

One upside of this cycle is diminished levels of anger – hopefully. See what your life is like when you’re slower to respond in upset or to take offence, or to attack someone who has displeased you!

Also this week, the Sun opposes Saturn which sounds like the Universe trying to teach us a lesson. If you find yourself being lectured to by someone, see if they have a point and perhaps you have something to learn. And if you find yourself lecturing someone, do it with a higher purpose rather than just wanting to crush someone’s spirit!

How to win the week…

Overall it’s a week to say less and learn more. If you find yourself getting drawn into a bit drama with someone, go easy because it will be very tempting to speak now and regret your words later. The person who wins this week is the person who goes slow and steady, even when being provoked!

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Pisces weekly horoscope – June 17 2018

Try not to be too down on your friends if you feel they are not being as supportive as you would like them to be. In fact every single one of them who upsets or even ignores you at the moment is teaching you something – about life, about what it means to be a good friend, about who you can really trust and rely on. Think about this before you get upset with someone in your friendship circle this week.

Pisces monthly horoscope – June 2018

With Neptune, your ruler, making a lovely connection to pleasant Venus at the start of June, you may be feeling pretty good, and your charm can surge. You can enjoy spending time with others, and want a little love and attention. Some comfort and support can go a long way, and you may want to spend more time with the people who make you feel good emotionally. You can be more affectionate this month, and your creativity can be high. You can think about making more time for having fun and goofing off, but you can also focus the energy and bring this into any work or chores you need to do later in the month so you enjoy yourself no matter what.

Neptune starts moving backward this month though, so you may start feeling off in a subtle way come the middle of the month. You may feel like your focus isn’t quite there, or you have a hard time figuring out the right solution to a problem, the right path to take, the right decision to make, or separate reality from fantasy. Work harder to keep the two separate, otherwise everything might get a lot more difficult.

Issues from the past can be your biggest focus as the month comes to an end with Mars moving backward in Aquarius, and you may be dealing with trying to get rid of something you thought you were done with long ago, trying to deal with some subconscious drama, or having to let go of something you don’t feel quite ready to yet. Your emotions can swirl around and make you feel a bit disheveled, so make sure you’re taking enough time to yourself to tend to your own inner needs and get in touch with yourself. If you’re feeling exhausted, that’s your cue to step back and get some rest, quiet, and isolation.

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