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Today the Sun moves into Gemini.

This is what it means for you…
Your personal life is now in the spotlight, so expect the spend the next four weeks doing some deep thinking about your past and how it got you to where you are now. Family issues – your parents, in particular, but all family – are now likely to take centre stage. If you need to reconnect with them, this is the time to do it, even if it means only getting on the phone and/or hooking up the web cam. Your actual home is also in focus now – look at how happy you are with where you live, how you life and who you live with. If there is something or someone from your past that still troubles you, now is the time to go and investigate it to see if you can release it and move on.

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Source: Pisces

Source: Pisces

Pisces Weekly horoscope – May 21 2018

What is your biggest wish? Which dream inspires you the most? This is the week to believe that dreams can come true – because they really can! Also this week brings a meeting between your two ruling planets, Jupiter and Neptune, moreover while Neptune is in your sign. It really doesn’t get a lot better than this. Imagine 5 years have passed and everything has gone as well as you could imagine, what would your life look like?Visualise it all week.
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Pisces Monthly Horoscope May 2018

You now have the planet of madness, Uranus, in your Mind Zone. Start to think in new ways. Thoughts lead to action which leads to your reality. So you can start to create a whole new life for yourself. Avoid thinking the same old same old. Think innovatively, originally, individually. Therein lies your path to success and happiness, starting this month.

Source: Pisces Monthly