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Pisces daily horoscope – August 14 2018

Do you need a second chance?

If you think a second chance is what you need to success, you could be about to get exactly what you want because, according to astrological theory, we are about to move into a season of second chances, thanks to some rare planetary activity as six planets retrograde, heralding re-dos and second chances! Click here for more info and to sign up for my free email series.

And today… the Moon moves into Libra. Here is what it means – from my book Moonology.

Daily Moon in your 8th House … If you were ever to schedule in a time to have sex with your partner, then the day when the Moon is in their 8th House, or yours, is a very good choice. Admittedly, this would mean you only have sex twice a month at most, but if you’re at the stage of scheduling it in, then twice a month is better than nothing, right? The 8th House is a mysterious place and sex sits well here. The Moon through your 7th House hopefully brought you closer together, and now the Moon here allows you to go deeper with each other. Doesn’t sound likely? This part of your chart is also about shared finances. In other words, where your money meets someone else’s – such as in a salary, a loan or a debt. Issues related to these areas can come up now. Top tip: stay calm and deal with it. It’s also a good day to do deep inner work on yourself.

The Libra Moon and LOVE…

The Moon in Libra today will also bring matters related to the heart to the top of your agenda. Want to know what’s coming up in your love life? Try our a free sample of our Love Life Forecast chart here.

Pisces weekly horoscope – August 13 2018

Have you lost friends over the past few years? Some are gone because they were toxic; some are gone because you needed to learn the lessons from them; some are gone because you lost your cool. This week learn lessons about being nice even when people disagree with or annoy you. The other possibility this week is that you’re going to get another go at making a particular wish come true. You are getting a second chance so don’t waste it!

Pisces monthly horoscope – August 1 2018

Do you love your life? July’s Eclipses in Cancer and Aquarius, asked you to dive deep into heart, and soul, to find what brings you joy, and a sense of purpose.

You don’t have total control but still, you’re the creator of your life. Clarify a vision and de-clutter – physically, emotionally, mentally – to create space for what you want to come into your life.

A Solar Eclipse in Leo, your 6th House, on August 11th brings you a chance to start over – so you are excited to wake up each morning.

If you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, find a balance – health comes first; and you need time for work and play.

In any friendship, relationship or situation that is healing, your words have the power to hurt or heal. Be humble, honest, compassionate, non-judgmental, and willing admit your mistakes. There’s a creative, and loving solution to any dilemma you face, and it might need only a minor adjustment, perhaps a mental one – rather than external.

Mars’ retrograde has made you increasingly aware of burning subconscious fears, and desires. As you become aware you can make conscious choices that support your wellbeing and highest goals to create a reality you dream of, rather than let your fears cast a shadow. It all sounds very deep – because it is!

The Sun enters Virgo on August 23rdhighlighting your one-to-one relationships, followed by the Pisces Full Moon in your sign on August 26th bringing you important revelations about yourself, and how you feel.

As Mercury and Mars end their reverse cycles, on August 19th and August 28th — be true to your values and you can find a way to turn a situation around you currently feel in the dark about, be it a personal or professional issue.

An aspiration is not out of reach. Trust what’s unfolding is all part of a creative and learning process.

You have one life – live it your way. Sow seeds of love, nurture them with love, and watch the garden of your life blossom.

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