Friends are meant to make you happy

If you’re a Piscean going through a rough time with your friends, then you probably need to have another think about two things. 1. How wisely are you choosing your friends? 2. How nice are you being to your friends? Obviously there are no right or wrong answers here but it’s pretty obvious that some replies are going to make a lot more sense than others. This is not a short-term thing, it’s actually a theme in your chart way into 2020.

What about the Moon…?

We are now in the waning cycle – it just feels like the waxing cycle to me as I am being Uranus-ed! How about you? If you feel like you’re on a roller coaster ride, chances you are too. Want to understand this mayhem better? I asked 12 of the world’s best astrologer for THEIR opinion about this new Uranus cycle – their replies are here.