Information about the month ahead for all the signs

It’s a relatively straight-forward looking month – that doesn’t mean it will be 100% smooth sailing (when is?) but overall it should be fairly positive.

May starts off with a powerful Mars/Jupiter connection on May 5. If you have a project you want to accomplish this month, work extra in the first week of the month and tap into this alignment. It should give all of us, regardless of sign, more energy. Mars is the planet of drive and determination and Jupiter is the planet of plenty and good times, so put them together, even at a hard angle, and there is room for chasing fun, getting a lot done and high energy.

That said, Mars/Jupiter can also be rather angry, so mind how you go if you know you have a short fuse or you’re dealing with someone angry in the first week of the month. Again, this applies to all the signs – however you will read more details about how it’s going to play out for your sign (or rising sign) in your horoscopes on this page.

May 9 is interesting for anyone who is a bit obsessed with someone else. If that sounds like you, go easy around this date. There is a big different between love and obsession!

May 22 also brings some amazing energy which will hit us all in different ways. We will have Mars connecting with the planet of change and excitement, Uranus.

Again, look at your horoscopes for more info – however in a nutshell, know this; Uranus is the maverick planet of change and excitement and it only recently changed signs after about seven years, moving from Aries into Taurus. This affects all the signs in different ways. Here’s a quick list (read your rising sign if you know it and if you don’t but you’d like to, visit Aries – changes financially. Taurus – changes to your whole life! Gemini – spiritual evolution. Moonchild – friendship changes. Leo – career turnarounds. Virgo – travel, study and adventure awaits. Libra – changes re sex and money. Scorpio – love life changes. Sagittarius – changes to your routines. Capricorn – changes re romance, creativity and/or kids. Aquarius – domestic changes. Pisces – changes in the way you think.

Keep the part of your life mentioned above in mind in May and you will see where you have the chance to really swerve off in a new direction. Think about what it would take to make your feel more liberated in the part of your chart mentioned above. Be open to change in that part of your life.

This month’s New Moon takes place on May 5 at 8.45am in the sign of Taurus. If you have plans and intentions about cash, this is the morning to read them out to the Universe, ideally just after the New Moon. Taurus is the sign associated with the planet of abundance Venus. So it’s a great time to ensure your dreams of being able to fund whatever you want for yourself in 2019 are still on track. Equally, if you want to make some wishes about love, that will also work beautifully!

This particular New Moon will be harmonising with Saturn which means you can rely on it, you can build something solid around now, and promises made under the New Moon are likely to stick.