Leo Horoscopes

Leo daily horoscope – September 22 2018

Something for the weekend – information for all the signs… one of the simplest things to do when you’re first starting to understand astrology is to follow the Sun around your horoscope. The Sun takes a year to go through all the signs. Over the course of the year, the Sun “shines a very bright light” into every part of your chart. In the next 24 hours, the Sun moves into Libra, signalling the onset of our Libra friends’ birthdays. Here’s where the focus is for you now, and over the coming four weeks.
Expect to be extra busy over the next four weeks as the Sun goes through your solar 3rd house. It’s a time when you can expect to be making lots of little quick trips, hither and thither. You can also expect the phone to be ringing off the hook and for your email inbox to be calling for your attention – how well you communicate is going to be an issue now. Do you need to brush up your skills? If there is someone who hasn’t been getting your message, this is the time to re-explain yourself. If you’re going on holidays over the next month, be very mindful about not taking your work with you.
We’re nearing Full Moon, when feelings rise to the surface – a great time to work on dealing with your emotions consciously! The Full Moon forgiveness kit has been designed to do that – it’s yours for free here.

Leo weekly horoscope – September 17 2018

Angry Mars in your Love Zone is clashing with crazy Uranus in your Work Zone. You could feel as though you’re getting it from all sides in the coming seven days – as though everyone and everything is out to push you as far as you can go. Rise above it. How? The obvious answer is to meditate. That will allow you to transcend worldly dramas. If you don’t know how to meditate, hey it’s 2018; search for it on YouTube.

Leo monthly horoscope – September 2018

If your healthy habits seem as though they have stalled or plateaued, you could feel some momentum kicking back in after September 6th. Consider altering your gym routines or trying something completely different. Just a few tweaks in an alternative direction could help you achieve your goals sooner – as long as you’re prepared to put the hard work in.

September 10th’s New Moon in your money zone is your annual reminder to do a health check on your budget. This is not a quick scan of your bank account balances, but rather a detailed and critical look at the funds coming in – and going out. We are never too young to start financial planning. Consider both the source and the direction and, if adjustments need to be made, set some small intentions to do so this month.

While you’re looking at your resources, think also of your energy levels – and how these are replenished. It could be time to spoil yourself a little – or a lot.
Business as usual gives way to partnership focus when Mars moves into your relationship zone on September 12. Mars generally brings with him increased activity, so this could be a time of both clashes and reconciliations with friends, family or a beloved. If egos do get in the way, take care not to let pride stop you from finding a solution that suits you both.

Pleasure planet Venus will be intensifying your home environment from September 11. If you’ve been thinking of redecorating, her influence could help you get started. Entertaining at home might also be something that you enjoy. If so, do it lavishly – and with passion.

The Full Moon on September 25 could have you itching to discover somewhere new. If a holiday is not on the cards, learning more about a subject that you’re excited about could take you outside your normal boundaries. Widen your perspective and try and keep your mind open to explore new horizons.

Leo Annual 2018

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