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Leo daily horoscope – May 24 2018

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The Moon is in your 3rd house…

I hope you like your conversations meaningful and full of feelings, because that’s what you’re likely to get today as the Moon moves through your 3rd House of communications. It’s potentially a rather busy day for you as well, with lots of errands to run and people to see. Do be ready to really engage with people. There will be people around today who very much want to pour their heart out to you – or maybe it’s you who’s doing that to them. Brothers and sisters, and interactions with neighbours, can feature today, too. Sometimes these will concern seemingly unimportant things, but if you need to, the Moon here can help you sort out an issue. Just stay calm as you talk from your heart. This is also a good day for writing a heartfelt letter or email.

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Source: Leo

Source: Leo

Leo Weekly horoscope – May 21 2018

So how is life at home, and with the family? Where even is home, and does it make you happy? If you’re stretching yourself too thinly when it comes to spending time with people who feel like family, then this is the week to decide to spend more time wherever your heart is, and with whomsoever your heart is with. If things have been tough with your family, and/or the people you love life, matters should improve now.Expect a resolution!

Leo Monthly Horoscope May 2018

Let’s hope you’re up for some career adventures, because that’s what’s coming your way, as the planet of change and excitement, aka Uranus, moves into your Career Zone for the first time in over 80 years. If you want to work online, or for yourself, or to do something unconventional or just ‘different’, this is your time. Start the process.

Source: Leo Monthly