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Gemini daily horoscope – September 23 2018

COSMIC COLUMN September 23 2018

Behold the coming Full Moon

Ah! Behold the coming Full Moon. A Full Moon week is always exciting – tensions rise and tempers flare, sure, but they are turning points for us all. We measure out our lives in Full Moons, in many ways. Even as young children, we are taught “look at the Moon!” and somehow most of us grow up feeling connected to it somehow. Working with the Moon cycles is actually something wise women have done for thousands of years – though of course the practise when underground following the Burning Times!

What’s the Full Moon about?

The Full Moon is the climax of the lunar cycle. It’s when the Moon is completely round, of course, and it happens when the Sun and the Moon are on exact opposite sides of the zodiac. Symbolically it means we have all made it to another Full Moon and it’s time to let stuff go that we no longer need.

If you are a part of the new growing trend towards minimalism, then use each Full Moon to take stock of what you need to declutter in your house and your life.

On an emotional level, it’s also time to let stuff go. So what are you releasing this week? Write it down on a list and burn it, preferably on the night of the Full Moon. The exact time of it wherever you are is here

This particular Full Moon…

The particular flavour of this Full Moon is potentially healing. If you have to forgive someone now – or forgive yourself – you have super lunar support.

Note that the first astro-combo after the Full Moon this time around is a clash between the Sun and Saturn. This can certainly heighten the strains of the week. Talking things sooner rather than later is strongly advised!

An affirmation for the Full Moon

If you would like to work with the Full Moon to divest yourself of dramas just say this over and again on the night when the Moon is at her fullest; “I forgive you, I forgive me, I forgive positively everyone I know and everyone who knows me, in all directions of time!”

Do you want to work with the Full Moon for real? I’ve created a very simple A4 PDF designed to help you work with the energies of the Full Moon in Aries. It’s the first Full Moon of the new lunar cycle (Aries being the first sign of the zodiac) so sign up here now – it’s free!

Gemini weekly horoscope – September 17 2018

As much as you might feel it’s better for you to keep quiet, actually the skies disagree. This week, if and when something is getting right up your nose, personally or professionally, don’t just take it, say something. Say it nicely and kindly, but express yourself, even if it feels awkward. If you’re worried or even scared about something, see if talking it through with someone else helps. You can have a great week but you have to focus on what’s good.

Gemini monthly horoscope – September 2018

Your sign’s key planet, outgoing Mercury, moves fast enough to go through three signs this month. He ends up hooking into all nine astrological planets in one way or another this month. This will keep you busy in September and allow you to think fast and sharp, at school or work.

At the start of the month, buoyant Mercury in lively Leo blends breezily with easy-going Venus in Libra, one of her home signs. This bodes well for chatting and catching up with old and new friends. Mercury glides into meticulous Virgo on the 6th and experiences harmonious vibes with innovative Uranus and disciplined Saturn. You’ll probably also discover creative ways to keep more money in your pocket. In fact, your problem-solving prowess might be in such top-notch form that loved ones and colleagues alike will take notice and call on you.

Mercury’s face off with hazy Neptune on the 14thwill probably work better with activities that need more inspiration and imagination than precision. You’re better able to feel more what others leave unsaid. But don’t rely only on intuition. Ask questions when you can’t get a read on what’s been said. Mercury brushes up softly next to probing Pluto on the 16th. You can definitely get to the bottom of thorny issues. Yet, you don’t want to ruffle a person’s feathers too much. Perhaps only share your insights if others seek out your help first. Stick to what smooths out your finances and daily life foremost.

Also note that somber Saturn moving forward this month will very likely give you a burst of clarity on a stressful situation. Remember Saturn guides us to create plans and then follow them. With him in one of your financial sectors now, it’s important to work more on your budget and debts, whether you work fulltime, part time or you exist on pocket money. Curb your focus on what you don’t have and your impulse shopping. Saturn can help you use better what you already have, if you pay attention.

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