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Gemini daily horoscope – May 20 2018

Cosmic Girl May 20

Hot on the heels of all the Uranus excitement this week, we get some steadier starts. To recap; last week saw the move of the planet of radical change, Uranus, move from Aries to Taurus. It was the first time that Uranus has changed signs in seven years and is therefore big news!

In truth we are all still in the VERY early stages of adjusting to this new placement. If your week have been full of chaos and upheaval, now you know why!

This week, though, brings respite as we get another big astro-event, this time in the shape of a meeting between two other major outer planets, Jupiter and Neptune.

These two are making the latest in series of positive connections which should do wonders for all of us in general and indeed for the world. Jupiter is the “lots of” amplifier planet. Neptune is the planet of the Divine currently in the sign of the Divine, Pisces.

Put all that together and you have to think that even if we don’t all suddenly turn into spiritual questers overnight, at the very least the overall vibration of the world is on the up and up.

Tune into the Jupiter/Neptune vibe by meditating and chanting, doing yoga and other “spiritual sports” such as tai chi or yoga. If you don’t know how to meditate, look for some of Deepak Chopra’s guided meditations on YouTube. If you don’t know how to chant, start with a very simple “Om Shakti…” It will call in sacred energies. Chant it for a good five minutes to start or end your day. The Sanskrit words will resonate in your being and you will start to get more in touch with your Higher Self. Yes. Far out!

Remember, too, that we are in the waxing cycle of the Moon which is the time to really go for it regarding your hopes and ambitions. Dreaming big dreams is easier under Jupiter/Neptune.

Also a very good week to make a deal or a promise, and/or to heal an emotional upset by talking it through.

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Source: Gemini

Source: Gemini

Gemini Weekly Horoscope May 13 to May 19 2018

The good news is that your friendships are going to be a whole lot less unpredictable now, as the planet of mayhem, Uranus, leaves your Friendship Zone after a stay of seven years. If you feel as though people have been rather random in that time, that was the Uranian energy which finally easing. And where is Uranus going? Into your 12th House to stir up your spiritual life and your fears. Ditch the baggage which has help you back.

Source: Gemini Weekly

Gemini Monthly Horoscope May 2018

A spiritual awakening awaits many a Gemini now and over the coming six months. Perhaps the past couple of years of hard graft have taught you that success means many different things, including being able to actually enjoy yourself. Whatever the case, stay open and you could get some amazing revelations. Meditation will help you tune into your Higher Self.

Source: Gemini Weekly