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Gemini daily horoscope – July 20 2018

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Your daily Moonscope, with love …

Daily Moon in your 6th House >>> The 6th House is the part of your chart where you worry less about what others can do for you and more about what you can do for others. How can you be of service? What do other people need and how can you help them to get it? Even if you think of yourself most of the time, when the Moon is in this part of your chart you have a chance to create some good karma for yourself by doing as you would be done by without a thought for being paid back. This is also a great time to think about your health. If you’ve departed from the straight and narrow, use the Moon in this part of your chart to recommit to a healthy lifestyle. The Moon here will support your decision. This can be a very productive time, during which you can get a lot done, so no slacking off. It’s also a great day to tidy everything.

Advance Moon Manifesting …

It’s ideal to set your intentions just after the New Moon but any time in the waxing cycle is a good time to tune into how the New Moon is affecting you – all the info is here

Gemini weekly horoscope – July 16 2018

You could say that you have a lot of “money karma” going on at the moment. With Saturn and Pluto in your Money Box, it’s really quite indisputable. The money karma means that what you put out you will get back so be scrupulously honest. However, as well as karma, you also have money lessons. The biggest is that you need to appreciate your own worth if you’re going to attract abundance. Get your head around that and expect good things.

Gemini monthly horoscope – July 1 2018

If your healthy habits have felt as though they’ve stalled over the past few months, and that you can’t quite get started again, you could find your motivation returning after July 11. If it’s been a while, take your time and ease into it – it can take a little while for a change to become a habit.

The New Moon and eclipse on July 13 is your annual reminder to take a detailed look at your accounts. If you’ve been neglecting your finances, consider whether they are being looked after. You’re never too young to think about money. The sooner you learn good habits the better, too. If your money isn’t flowing well, what steps can you take this month that will improve this situation? What about your own energies – have you been scattering them? If so, what can you do to nurture yourself this month?

If you’re usually always out and about, socialising at home could bring great pleasure this month. While you’re at it, take a critical look at your home. Are there any tweaks or improvements you can make?

Your ruling planet, Mercury, turns retrograde on July 26. Ensure that you have a working back-up plan in place for computers, important documents and anything else that you rely on. Although mishaps, delays, and miscommunications might frustrate you at school, Uni or work, the next few weeks are actually a great time for slowing down, adding space to your schedule, and reviewing and revising. Don’t be surprised if people from your past make an appearance in your dreams or your present over this time. Taking your time to fully understand instructions will minimise any rework.

July 27th’s lunar eclipse could bring with it a test of your faith or belief system. If you’ve been spending too much time on the finer details of life, this Full Moon will prompt you to widen your gaze – and your perspective. If you’re feeling adventurous, you might want to test your boundaries. You could even be considering a new field of study, or going on that holiday you’ve been dreaming of for a long time.

Gemini Annual 2018

The first thing to say about your life and horoscope in 2018 is that you can pretty much bet your bottom Gemini dollar that your life is going to be a heck-uva-lot easier than it has been recently. As of the end of 2017, you came out of a really long and problematic...

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