Third Quarter Moon in Virgo

Today we will still be feeling the Venus/Uranus energies – that’s Venus, the planet of romance and riches opposing Uranus, the planet of chat and all things exciting.

Let me say that if you’re involved in a shouty relationship that’s one the rocks, this can be a difficult astro-connection. Sadly it seems I can never forget a break up I had about 20 years ago where we stood in the kitchen and yelled so loudly the neighbours would have heard every word of our relationship’s undoing.

I remember check the stars afterwards and not being in the least bit surprised to see that Venus had been opposing Uranus.

However assuming you’re not as big a fool as I am to be involved in something so iniquitous, this link really can translate as good things happening quickly re love or money. (When I think about it, that break up was a good thing and it did happen quickly – it just didn’t feel all that good at the time!)

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Virgo Cosmic Extras

Top 3 affirmations:

1. ‘I am more and more organized every day.’

2. ‘I give wonderful service for wonderful pay.’

3. ‘My wellbeing is my priority – I am getting back on track.’

Essential Oil to use: Tea Tree

Mantra: Hum. Chant it out loud or silently

Chakra: The Throat chakra, aka Vishudha

Angel: Metatron, the energy clearer

Goddess: Ceres, fertility Goddess

Heavenly Ray: The 6th ray, which is indigo

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