Happy New Year!

It would be hard to find a more dramatic way to start this year (or this diary!) than with a New Moon eclipse. But that’s what we’re getting this week, in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is already a super-charged sign because power planets Saturn and Pluto are also there (as is communications planet Mercury right now, too). If you only do one New Moon wishing session this year (though that would be a shame!) do it this month.

It’s the start of the year and the New Moon eclipse is the perfect time to set out your intentions for the year ahead. This is going to be quite an intense eclipse because of the planetary alignments (and misalignments!) taking place just after the New Moon. There is the possibility of some self-doubt thanks to a Sun-Saturn connection, and even some hurtful words, thanks to a Mercury-Chiron clash.

That said, if you can talk your way to some kind of agreement, then a Mercury/Uranus link should allow you to turn around any situations that need fixing! When it comes to making your New Moon wishes, write them all down and see if/where you feel in your heart: ‘I doubt I can ever achieve this!’ That’s the planets meddling with you, and showing you where you need to work harder on your goals and your self-belief.

Talk to Ganesha…

As this is the first New Moon the year, it’s the right time to talk to the beautiful Hindu elephant god Ganesh. He’ll help you to start anything new and also to overcome any obstacles, so ask him to be by your side as we move into 2019. Simply light a candle, gaze at an image of him and ask him to stay by your side.

Moreover, remember to make your New Moon wish list this week. No kidding, there will rarely be a more powerful time to make them! If you would like to do this but you’re not sure how, just visit moonmessages.com/wishingguide for a free How To PDF. Just do it!

Yasmin Boland has a superb Moon diary out this year – grab it here and get a free manifesting meditation too!