So how are you doing? This is a really important week. We are out of the first eclipse season of the year (there won’t be another eclipse for six months) but there are other very important planetary configurations.

In my opinion, the most important is between Saturn and Neptune. There are a series of these rolling out as 2019 unfurls and among other things, they are about making your dreams real.

Sometimes it really does feel like life is a series of random events sent to test us. As I write this, it’s eclipse season and it feels like we are living life on a roller coaster. I know from the feedback I get from my beloved readers I am not alone in feeling this.

However once you start to study astrology, you see patterns. You realises it’s not all as random as it feels!

Saturn is all about reality and Neptune is about dreams and put them together as the year rolls out and we get a chance to see that in fact we can make our dreams real by being clear about what we want in life; the life isn’t as random as it might feel; that intention is everything.

So this week, as we move towards the next New Moon, think about what you are “intending” for yourself. It’s when we don’t have intentions that life can start to feel chaotic. Next week I will remind you how to make those intentions real!

One intention you might like to set for yourself this week is all about anger management. If you’re someone with a short fuse, you do need to watch out this week as a rather intense angle forms between angry Mars and furious Pluto. If you can up your exercise this week, that will help you to work through the energies.

The good news is that the week ends of a high with a lovely link between Venus and Uranus. Even relationships which have suffered a little this week can turn around for the better.