There is a lot going on – all of which is expanded upon in your weekly stars. But here are the main headlines that you need to know about.

Venus is moving into Scorpio.

This is, of course, especially good news for Scorpios and Scorpio Rising people. Why? Because Venus is the planet of romance and riches, so as she passes through your sign or your rising sign, you get a sort of double-dose of her. It’s also very good news for Taurus and Taurus Rising people because Scorpio is your opposite sign aka your Love Zone. Her loving rays shine more brightly at you. And for everyone else, love becomes a little deeper and darker, more mysterious, sexier and maybe just a tad more underhand. Watch out if you’ve got yourself involved with someone you don’t trust. Ask yourself; why?

Mercury retrograde ends.

In astrology, we call this Mercury going “direct”. For anyone who was putting off anything (booking tickets, buying electronics, communications or transport-related devices) give it a few more days yet if you can. The start and end of Mercury retrograde are the most intense. Remember that Mercury retrograde is not bad luck. Rather it’s a time to rethink and review life. Wherever Mercury was in your chart (eg: your Love Zone or your Work Zone) is where you will have done this. Now you have the facts. Soon it’s time to take action.

The New Moon in Sagittarius takes place.

Remember that the New Moon is the time to set your intentions. The New Moon will actually take place at 6.20pm on Friday night. That makes it just ideal for doing a New Moon circle with friends. It’s a very healing time so if you want to get healed of something emotionally or physically, put that on your wish list. If you’d like a free New Moon wishing guide, visit Since the New Moon is in Sadge, it’s a very good time to ask yourself if you’ve maintained your sense of humour after all the ups and downs of the year.

What lies ahead?

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