We are just past the New Moon

We are just past the New Moon. So it’s time to manifest.

This week I wanted to tell you a story about following the signs and manifesting.

You might think from my work that I only do rituals and so on at New and Full Moon. In fact, that’s not the case. I will bust out a ceremony or mini-puja anytime.

In the waxing cycle it’s more likely to be about something I want. In a waxing cycle a few months ago. I did a puja because we were looking at buying a particular house. It was all very quick and we weren’t really sure.

We had made an offer and were waiting to hear back. It had gone to sealed bids.

I had done the visualisation and I had surrendered it all to the Divine. I chanted over my portable fire-pit, on our garden table, in my urban back yard, under some twinkling fair lights, in the fading evening light.

Behind the fire-pit sits a beautiful golden Buddha.

Nestled in Buddha’s lap, I had a photo of one of my main spiritual teachers, for inspiration while I alternated between chanting, meditating and feeding the fire.

Just for the record, this is not the first time I have created this set up, and it wasn’t any windier than usual. While I was doing the puja, the photo of my beloved and amazing teacher fell face down, off Buddha, onto the table.

I was chanting with my eyes closed in the fading evening light and didn’t notice at first. Then I did.

I quickly fixed the picture back up.

I was listening to a 30 minute chant and just kept going, surrendering.

The picture blew back down about 5 seconds before the chanting recording I was listening to stopped.

I knew it wasn’t a good sign. And guess what? We didn’t get the house!

That’s the thing with intuition and surrender.

The good news is that I do feel that we have ended up with somewhere that is better for us. #followthesigns