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Moonchild or Moonchild Rising

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Today the Sun moves into Gemini.

This is what it means for you…
As the Sun slips into your 12th house this week, you get to slip into the Twilight Zone. Well, sort of. The Sun goes through this part of your chart once a year. As it does so, you can expect to feel a little more like staying at home and contemplating either your navel, or your life, or both. And that is just fine. Take it easy on yourself this week and over the next four weeks. It’s an excellent time to get some rest, explore the esoteric and listen to your dreams. Also see if there are events from your past which have created patterns which are now dictating how you react to events in the present… is it time to break with the past?

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Source: Cancer

Source: Cancer

Cancer Weekly horoscope – May 21 2018

Nothing is more important to Cancerians than home and family and so there is good news for you this week; if you have kids, or want them, it seems there are positive developments afoot for you. And if you don’t have kids, but you have a love life, ditto. Good news awaits. And if you’re just flirting with someone new, the news is also upbeat. Finally, for creative Cancerians, expect things to go your way. It’s Thank Your Lucky Stars time.

Cancer Monthly Horoscope May 2018

On the one hand, your working life is going to settle down now. You should be able to draw breath professionally and perhaps even cruise for a little bit. On the other, your social life is about to take on a life of its own as you reconnect in a new with old friends and make some very different new ones.

Source: Cancer Monthly