At the time of the New Moon this month, which is coming tomorrow or the next day depending on where you live, the planet of the feminine, the Divine Mother, of love and abundance, Venus is opposing Uranus, the planet of changes and surprises.

It’s a tense angle and looks as though there could be some unexpected twists and turns to do with love or money playing out in our lives.

If you’re involved with a financial negotiation, it could be the trigger you need to finally move things forwards.

If you’re in love and things are tense, now you know why!

See what you need to release and move on from when it comes to love or money, since Uranus is the liberator and the awakening.

Or sit back and wait for a wonderful turn of events that leaves you feeling amazing.

Maybe you have something to realise or maybe the person you’re dealing with has something to understand?

What have you realised and what are you going to do about it?

Or maybe you need an unexpected capitulation!

Meditation will help you work it all out so you could make “regular meditation” one of your New Moon commitments to yourself.

Also remember to make your New Moon wishes >>> click here for a How To guide if you would like it.