The month of August kicks off with both Mercury, the communicator, and Mars, our energy and drive, moving backward. This means a lot of people could be feeling like life isn’t moving in the right direction as the month begins, but this is especially true for you, little Ram, because Mars is your ruler. You can feel extra off, and have difficulty focusing on what you need to get done, so give yourself extra time to make decisions, take actions, work on projects, or tackle a list of things to do.

Mars impacts your friendships for the first half of the month, and you may have an argument with a friend or in a group you belong to. Try to listen before you immediately get defensive!

Mars then impacts your #goals and ambitions during the second half of the month. If you feel like your direction is completely off in the second half of August, let things play out and don’t give yourself too hard a time!

As well, Mercury retrograde impacts your love sector, so you may feel that you don’t have the time to do the things you love with the people you love as much as you would like this month. Try to find little snippets of time whenever you can. Thankfully, Mercury moves forward again midmonth, so he’s not creating as many problems as Mars.

The bright spot for the month is a Solar Eclipse midmonth in Leo, and this Solar Eclipse can be great for taking up new hobbies, being more sociable, and being more affectionate. If you’re single, you can enjoy playing the field and having fun. If you’re with someone, you can take time to have fun together in new ways. Leo is the sign Mercury moves backward in, so this Solar Eclipse brings helpful energy for fixing whatever issues may come up with love or creativity quickly.