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* Also, important news; the Sun is changing signs today, moving from Moonchild (aka Cancer) to Leo, ahead of next week’s New Moon in Leo. That means the focus is changing for us all … FYI this cycle last for the next four weeks.

Here’s where the focus is for you now

As the Sun moves into your 5th solar house, it’s as though the Universe is issuing you with an edict which will be valid for one month – enjoy yourself! The 5th house is where we have fun, where we keep our inner child. It’s also the part of our charts related to our creative sides – indulge that part of you now. Children can also be expected to be more in your focus now (your own or someone else’s) – at the very least, learn from them if you’ve forgotten how to enjoy yourself. Some of you will be looking to get pregnant, finding out that you are pregnant, or even giving birth. This is the ‘creative’ part of your chart and there is nothing more ‘creative’ than creating a new life! Romantically, it’s all about flirting and remembering how to mix fun with romance.

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