Your secrets…

The secrets you’re keeping now are likely weighing you down. And if you’re not keeping any secrets? Probably a good idea! Far better to deal with as much of your stuff as you can in the open rather than hiding it all away, like sweeping dust under a rug. If you feel like you’re going mad and you need to talk things through, the skies agree with you! Book yourself in some therapy or a healing session with someone who can help you!

What about the Moon…?

We are now in the waning cycle – it just feels like the waxing cycle to me as I am being Uranus-ed! How about you? If you feel like you’re on a roller coaster ride, chances you are too. Want to understand this mayhem better? I asked 12 of the world’s best astrologer for THEIR opinion about this new Uranus cycle – their replies are here.