It’s time to dream and meditate…

Today sees a lovely link between Mercury and Neptune `which makes it great for anyone who likes to meditate. I know some people who meditate up to three hours a day! I try to do at least 15-20 minutes daily. This year, with all the Neptune action, meditation is going to take off even more than it has done in recent years. So if you have never meditated, try this today.

As for what the Mercury/Neptune link today means for you…

Take some time out now if you can because you have earned it. In fact, the Sun is in the sign before yours. So it’s been nearly a year since the Sun was in your sign. Think of the Sun as the big recharger in the skies that fills you up with energy once a year, at the time of your birthday when it returns to the point where it was when you were born. It’s a refuelling but it’s still a week or so away!

This week’s freebie

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