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Do soulmates exist?

Do soulmates exist?

It’s a lovely idea, but do soulmates really exist?

Some people say we have just one twin-soul we reconnect with every lifetime (a lovely romantic idea!), while others say we have many. But do soulmates really exist? Is there such a think as a twin flame?

Of course, it’s up to each of us to decide the answer to that question. Whatever we think, though, most of us love the idea of soulmates, and hey, we’re allowed to be as romantic as we like. Remember, we create our own reality!

Personally, I believe we have plenty of soulmates. Some will be our parents and children, our extended family, others will be our best friends and lovers.

Some will bring us joy and some will bring us pain. Hang on a minute. Pain?

Sometimes, yes. Soulmates are people we’re connected with on a soul level. Sometimes they have hard lessons to teach us. The lover who feels like a soulmate then who breaks our heart usually teaches us some amazing lessons, for example. Agreed?

It’s been said by sages down through time that we humans incarnate on earth to learn the lessons we need for our soul to evolve to the next level of being, when we’ll no longer need to be born as human, but will exist as an evolved spirit in another dimension. This far-out sound idea is one of the basics of Buddhism. Soulmates are the people we connect with in order to learn those lessons.

And if you’re Christian and wondering if reincarnation is possible, according to many scholars, even the Christian Bible talked about reincarnation until all mentions of it were removed at the Second Council of Constantinople in 533AD.

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