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Friday April 27 – Moon Meditation: “I am healing, inside and out…”

Moon in Cancer: If you have an illness you want to get rid of, have a think about who you need to forgive. It’s widely acknowledged that holding on to anger is toxic. According to Anita Moorjani in her amazing book, Dying To Be Me, illness can be healed in a very short time, once we believe we can be healed. But Anita is far from the first or only person to say this. It’s a very widely-held belief. If you are struggling with illness, today is a great day to go and buy a copy of Anything Can Be Healed (sorry we don’t stock this right now!) It gives amazing insights into the question of healing and wellness and as Chiron is energised in the skies now, it’s the ideal time to deal with this stuff. Gain insights into the vast and hugely powerful realms of Spirit where Loving and High Beings are working around you with a session with intuitive counsellor Sophie Bashford. Just click here.


  1. Dear Yasmin. In few words. I love you. You sometimes give me the will to carry on. Thank you.

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