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Predict Your Own Future

by Yasmin Boland

Who hasn’t thought of reaching for the nearest 1900-dial-a-psychic line when life gets too confusing? Yasmin Boland shows you how to predict your own future.

“I use my Higher Self for advice for clothes shopping, for haircuts, to make sure I get everything I need at the supermarket …”
- Kerrie Higgins, Sydney psychic skills teacher

It might not always feel like it, but many of the great esoteric minds of our time (Chopra, Walsch et al), insist we all have the ability to get in touch with our own inner wisdom, with our Higher Selves, with the bits of us which transcend mere mortality.

So next time life seems pear-shaped and you’re not sure whether to reach for the 1900-dial-a-psychic line or the Chardonnay, stop right there âEUR¦ Instead of allowing decisions about your future to rest on your best friend’s advice, the random turn of a Rune or on the utterings of some (possibly deranged) psychic, go within to speak to the person who cares most about you âEUR¦ yourself âEUR¦

All the answers to all the questions you have are said to be lurking inside your soul, and just waiting to be unleashed …

Accessing your inner knowledge is a bit like listening to the radio. First you have to turn on, then you have to tune in âEUR¦


A few years ago, US DJ Neale Donald Walsch was feeling very peeved. His love life was in the toilet, his professional life sucked and he felt emotionally barren. So Neale sat down to write a letter of fuming complaint to the highest authority he could think of; God. Imagine his surprise when God actually replied.

“In this letter, I asked God a series of very angry questions; ‘What does it take to make life work? What have I done to deserve a life of such continuing struggle?’ and ‘What are the rules here? I’ll play, just give me the rule book’. I wrote those questions as a sort of amateur self-help therapy at 4.20 one morning. After I had finished writing, I heard a voice very clearly over my right shoulder which said ‘do you really want answers to those questions or are you just venting?’”

The result of this ‘uncommon dialogue’ – a series of questions to and answers from ‘God’ – became NDW’s best selling book Conversations With God, a tome well worth reading.

As part of the research for this article, I called NDW up myself. Surely, if he had the Ear Of The Almighty, he must be able to predict his own future – not to mention everyone else’s. I asked him, for an example, that if someone split up with their boyfriend, could they ask God if their boyfriend was coming back? NDW was underwhelmed with my question, to say the least.

“I do not use God to predict the future,” he fairly blustered at me. “I use it for God to place in my hands the tools with which I can create my own future. I don’t ask frivolous questions about my future, like ‘Will my lover come back?’. I ask deeper questions like ‘How can I become successful?’ ‘What is the meaning of relationship?’ ‘What is the purpose of life?’ I never get into carnival side show questions.”

But surely we can ask God anything? I persisted, meekly.

“Yes, you can, but if you ask ‘will my lover return’ God will probably say ‘I don’t know’ âEUR¦ God would never say ‘Yes, he is coming back’, or ‘No he’s not’ because that answer presumes that the future has already been decided âEUR¦ God would cause you to know that the future has not been decided and that you can create the future that you want. ‘Will my lover come back?’ is not a modern woman’s question, it’s a 1936 question. It’s the deeper questions which take us into the future by allowing us to create our future.”

EXERCISE: Perhaps NDW has a point. So if you want to know about your ex, ask not ‘will he come back?’ but ‘what do I need for a fulfilling relationship?’. By the same token, if you’re curious about if/when you will meet someone new, ask ye not ‘Will I meet someone?’ but ‘What would it take for me to form a great relationship?’. If you are with someone you love, don’t ask ‘Will we stay together?’ but ‘What would it take for us to stay together?’ I’ve used love life examples here, but you can apply these NWD-esque questions to God to any aspect of your life.

Adds NDW: “A question deeply asked in the purity of one’s heart will be answered, whatever process you use – a pen and paper is good or you can just pose the question in your mind while walking in the park âEUR¦ Afterwards, notice and watch and listen because the Universe will provide the answer in the most extraordinary ways – for example, you could be led to read the most extraordinarily right article – like the one you’re reading now …” Schpooky.

And don’t be afraid to write a Dear God letter. It worked for NDW. He’s now a happily married, multi-millionaire best-selling author.


This is a nice, (fairly) normal website, not one of those www.spook-city.com zones. So it’s with some trepidation that I hereby suggest that – next time life gets tough – you also try talking to your spirit guides and angels for help. Yes, as in your Guardian Angels. (Just by the by, I once read on the Internet about a man who thought he’d ‘channelled information’ from a rather large tomato plant âEUR¦ so if you think suggesting you talk to your guides and angels is weird, you ain’t read nothin’ yet, baby).

How to talk to an Angel:

Allow yourself at least 15 minutes. Go to a quiet room. Turn off your mobile and shut the door. Sit quietly with a pen and paper in your lap, either on the floor or at a table. Centre your thoughts and focus your mind on your question. Put pen to paper with the words:

“Dear Guides and Angels, what do I need to know about situation x?”


“Dear Guides and Angels, what do I need to know to make blah blah happen/to avoid blah blah?”

It’s important to phrase your questions in such a way that you will get a comprehensive answer. Ask long range questions. Keep the answers a secret. It’s said that even though no one knows if our futures are destined or subject to free will, we can at least ‘tune in’ to next week, which is far enough into the future to give you a fair idea about which direction you should set your life’s rudder.

This might sound like the biggest load of codswallop you have ever heard and I won’t deny that I know people who’ve tried this method with absolutely no results at all, but I also know of others who swear by it as a way of tapping into the best advice and reassurance that they’ve ever received.

METHODS 3(i), 3(ii), 3(iii) and 3(iv): TALK TO YOURSELF

No, not ‘start walking around mumbling to yourself under your breath’. Take a leaf out of the various esoteric leaders’ books and just have a word with yourself.


When healer Brandon Bays (see www.brandonbays.com) needs to make a decision, she listens to her breath. Ten years ago, Brandon was diagnosed with an enormous tumour in her stomach. Using diet, meditation and the processes she has come to call The Journey, she managed to defy medical opinion and clear herself of the cancer without surgery. She has since dedicated her life to helping others achieve their aims.

“I believe that the body is a barometer of the soul, so if I want to know something about my future, this is what I do:

“I sit down and breathe into my heart or gut and mentally ask the question – should I do A? I breathe into my heart or gut and if it feels good, I come back to neutral. Maybe I should do action A. Then I ask myself – should I do B? If I get a catch in my breath, or if it feels tense or I feel a twinge, I do not take action B. Not here, not this moment, maybe never. But I will think about action A more deeply. If you get a catch with your breath asking both questions, ask ‘is there a third way?’ Infinite intelligence knows âEUR¦signals to you by giving you signals through your body.”


If Brandon’s breathing technique not for you, try the Deepak Chopra approach and ask the Universe for some answers, using Synchro Destiny. Synchro-destiny is when things “fall into place”; when events seem “fated”; when you feel as though the Universe is “trying to tell you something” and you “go with the flow”.

“I believe our destiny is influenced by synchronistic events,” says Chopra. “Most people just brush unlikely events, saying ‘oh, that’s just coincidence’ but I don’t think so. I think every coincidence is meaningful.”

Eg: You’re not happy in your job. For the first time in months you check out the newspaper employment section. Your dream job is advertised.

Says Deepak: “Anytime an improbable event occurs – and that’s anything which is outside the realm of statistical probability – that’s a clue or omen. After any improbable encounter, meeting, relationship, situation, circumstance (such as seeing the job of your dreams advertised or bumping into a long lost friend the day after you think of them), ask yourself ‘Why did that happen and what is the deeper meaning?’ And as well as looking for signs about where you should go, watch for omens that you are on the right track.”


This is a white witchy spell has its origins in the Middle Ages. If you want to know where your life is heading and you have a log fire handy, give it a go. It’s from Sheryn George‘s wonderful new book Love Story (Harper Collins) and is so spooky it might just work!

Say three times:

Fire red and burning well

Into your depths I cast this spell

Knowing that where I now dwell

My future soon to me you’ll tell

Then poke the fire once, twice, three times. Notice the sparks which fly up the chimney after you finish poking and your incantation. Fast plentiful spits and sizzles mean a hectic start to the new spring, with heaps to do and barely enough time to do it in. Several loud pops mean shocks to your current way of life, so be prepared for change. If one of the pops is very loud, be prepared for a new and very powerful love interest in the spring. Slow burning hisses mean you’ll have time on your own to contemplate what’s been happening in your life, and where you want to go. Keep warm, and put out the fire safely. This spell is extra good as no one thinks you’re doing it – it can all be done in your head…


And if you think the Universe, your good Self and the fire aren’t vaunted enough authorities to rely on, try talking to your Higher Self when you need answers.

Spiritual teacher Kerrie Higgins works with the Holistic Healing Company in Sydney and says that she regularly ‘goes within’ for information. (In fact, during the course of our conversation, she pauses and asks me to “hang on a minute while I tune into the other side for an answer to that one âEUR¦” more than once.) What she’s actually tuning into is her Higher Self – the part of us which is allegedly attuned to the great, mysterious Universal source from which all information cometh.

Kerrie teaches her students to listen to their Higher Self/intuition using meditation.

“Information comes through as words or pictures, or as a ‘knowing’ âEUR¦ the more you listen to it, the more powerful it becomes âEUR¦ but you can ask for whatever you like. I use my Higher Self for advice for clothes shopping, for haircuts, to make sure I get everything I need at the supermarket. Sometimes I might even buy stuff and I think ‘why did I buy that?’ then I need it later in the week.

“My Higher Self recently gave me two warnings on financial problems, and proved entirely right. I was in class at the time that the message came through. My students were doing a psychometry exercise and I got a message saying ‘there will be two financial shocks coming up, but I don’t want you to worry because both will be resolved’.

“The first happened when my ex-partner walked in the door a few days later and told me he didn’t want to pay his half of the mortgage any more, because he was going overseas, in three weeks. The other was that the tax department rang and said they couldn’t find two of three dossiers I’d sent them, which was very worrying.

“But as predicted, both issues were resolved – the tax department found my dossiers after 6 weeks looking and I came up with a refinancing solution to my mortgage dilemma.”

EXERCISE: Find a quiet space and sit down. If you’ve already learned how to meditate, begin your practice as usual. When you have finished, stay still and silent for a moment. Ask a question of your Higher Self, either out loud or in your head or on paper. You can phrase it: “I ask my Higher Self – what do I need to know about situation x?”. Wait for the answer, which will almost certainly come. Test the answer against your instincts. Does it feel right? If you haven’t yet learned to meditate, simply sit quietly, breathing gently, with your eyes closed for 15 minutes and then ask your Higher Self the question, as described above.

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  1. Yasmin Boland says:

    Best place for questions is here http://www.yasminboland.com/cosmicquestions/#axzz3f8DwZkva Yasmin x

  2. Yasmin Boland says:

    Best place for questions is here http://www.yasminboland.com/cosmicquestions/#axzz3f8DwZkva Yasmin x

  3. Yasmin Boland says:

    Best place for questions is here http://www.yasminboland.com/cosmicquestions/#axzz3f8DwZkva Yasmin x

  4. Yasmin Boland says:

    Best place for questions is here http://www.yasminboland.com/cosmicquestions/#axzz3f8DwZkva Yasmin x

  5. Yasmin Boland says:

    Best place for questions is here http://www.yasminboland.com/cosmicquestions/#axzz3f8DwZkva Yasmin x

  6. Yasmin Boland says:

    Best place for questions is here http://www.yasminboland.com/cosmicquestions/#axzz3f8DwZkva Yasmin x

  7. Yasmin Boland says:

    Best place for questions is here http://www.yasminboland.com/cosmicquestions/#axzz3f8DwZkva Yasmin x

  8. Dear yesmin…
    Can I have any chance to get a GP doctor registration in foreign countries within 1 or 2 yrs ? I am currently practicing as a GP in Bangladesh. I am fully dedicated to my patients and I can both work and study hard. Please Tell me as soon as possible…

  9. Mathangi says:

    Hi, Am 33 yrs old indian women. divorced 3 yrs back. Wiill i re marry? will i have a peaceful life?

  10. sun george abraham says:

    Can you predict my financial position in 2015 is it good or bad condition

  11. Will i get out of this situation. Without emotionally hurting her. If yes how long will it take? And if i get out will i turn in to the person i want.

  12. Sarah Yasmin says:

    Hello ma’m
    I m 29 yrs old single.I have been in a relationship for 6 yrs but due to some problem we had to broke up. I m an independent and qualified girl but he’s vyr narrrow minded person. I m vry upset and depressed. jst wantd to knw abt my future if u can help me…plz.

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  14. karthick says:

    I am karthick, I want to know about my future carrier. Now I am working in small company with less salary. When I get good company with my fulfill salary. This is my dream to settle in my life. When it will happen
    My Date of Birth is 26/04/1990 Time:04:20 AM

  15. karthick says:

    I am karthick, I want to know about my future carrier. Now I am working in small company with less salary. When I get good company with my fulfill salary. This is my dream to settle in my life. When it will happen

  16. gurjant singh says:

    Can i take my Job back Or i save some Money for my bright future and my sister merriage

  17. HopelesllyLost says:

    I am a Virgo male 53 years old. My ex is a Pisces female 33 years old. We had an instant connection that was unreal! We were together for 5 years. I don’t know why exactly but I took too long to make a marriage committment and over several breakups we split. Although we always remained friends and communicated by phone or text. 4 months ago she found another guy. When I found out I got desperate and bought a ring and proposed but to no avail. She won’t even talk to be now, says she hates me and to leave her alone. I am distraught having lost my best friend, lover and soulmate. Is there anything that I can do to get back the love of my life…the only woman that I will ever love? Unconditionally, completely and without reservation? She has always returned before and all I can do now is to miss and want her more. She is perfect for me and all that I ever wanted and have dreamed of my whole life. Sorry for the lengthy post. Thank you for taking the time to read it and help me. I want so much to believe and wait and hope. She is so worth it!

    • Yasmin Boland says:

      I am loathe to give you false hope but I did a Horary for you and the verdict is that it might not be easy but there could be a future. Good luck. And if not, learn to lesson of not taking so long to commit!

  18. esha tyagi says:

    hi yasmin..my boyfriend of 2 yrs left me and is now apparently dating my friend.I agree i was too immature to handle the relationship but so was he.Maybe they are not serious and she is no where compared to me.I just want to know if he will come back to me realizing my value and if it will be in the coming few months.Also i am writing my post graduation exam of medicine this march,i want to know if i will be able to get it,waiting for your reply eagerly

    • Yasmin Boland says:

      Here is card for you – you got Priorities – in other words, decide who and where you want to invest your precious energy xoxox

  19. Yashmin,
    I am in a relationship with a boy with completely different thoughts than mine. He believes that women should stay back home, they can not talk to men or make male friends, but he himself is easy to talk / flirt with good looking women around. Its all his upbringing that made him like this as he belongs to an illeterate family.But he has tremendous intelligence and responsibility towards his profession.Sometimes I think he could have been an excellent person if his point of view can be changed. My life is being miserable by giving him explanations of each and every move of mine.Also his flirty nature with other girls make me hurt. But still I am with him as I love him. I strongly believe that with some patience I can change him. But I am being impatient day by day.He creates obstacles for everything, what should I do?? Leaving him will hurt both of us. So I need solution……Please

    • Yasmin Boland says:

      You can’t change him so you have to decide if you want to be with him as he is or if you can’t make it work. You need to be happy to be healthy! xxx

  20. Anonymous says:

    Hi Yasmin, I’ve been married for 11 years now. All through I have been supporting my husband’s dreams. Now I am jobless and moneyless because I listened to him. He now ignores my situation. I am very depressed. He is also ready to separate as he feels that I am always bothering him.

    • Yasmin Boland says:

      Here is a card for you … Ah! You got Lakshmi and the Flow of Prosperity. Stop blaming him and get out and find a job and the money should flow in your direction! xox

  21. hi,
    I am in a deep depression and liked one guy very much but he married to someone else and is happy. I am still alone and so confused and even my professional life is not very good. i want to move ahead in life but my luck is not with me, i think. so please suggest me what to do.

    • Yasmin Boland says:

      Stop thinking about the married guy and focus on your professional life, then everything else will fall into place. xoxo

  22. I am just coming out of a deep depression and liked one guy very much and thought he was the one but he found someone else and is happy. I am still alone and so confused. Not sure what to do. Please advise me.

    • Yasmin Boland says:

      I pulled you a card and you got Positive Change … That suggests all is as it should be and will get better xxx

  23. What is the meaning of life? Will I ever be happy again? Am I going to be a sucesful singer or successful at all? Will I die of suicide? Will I ever stop cutting? Is my bff lizbeth ok? How do I handle a relashionship

  24. Yoga Moorthy R says:

    1. Please let me know when will I get the job?(my immediate requirement).
    2.I forgot what is happiness in my life. When laugh for a little bit then, immediately for atleast 2-3 days it shows as the impact.
    3.Whatever, I touch or take I never succeded in life or I will get moved before the success comes to the place.
    4. Even though if I was silent and just sitting in corner people come to me and drag me in quarrels and few times they beat as well. Please let me know whether my whole life is this going to be? Because I lost everything and lost hope from my childhood.

    • Yasmin Boland says:

      I am going to draw you a card re your job ===>> You got “Find the blessings in your current situation”. That means that you need to stop focusing on the problems and feel grateful for all you have. Doing this will shift your ego out of the picture and once that is done, your gratitude will draw on the things that you desire. Yasmin x

  25. This is a great article. I have been praying a lot especially for a new and better job. I have been applying a lot to different places but no luck yet. Can you tell me if that new and better job is coming very soon?

  26. Can I possibly working overseas? Cause I’m desperate to help my family’s financial status. If so, how many years from now?

  27. i want to marry my girlfriend but there are alot of obstcales

    • Yasmin Boland says:

      Yes there are obstacles but it can happen. I did you a Horary chart. Good luck xox

    • No matter what obstacles you face, as long as you do them together it will not only bring you together. But it will deepen your relationship. Don’t question it. If she’s someone you can’t live without, then don’t walk away or let her walk away.

  28. Will I ever marry anyone and/or have children? I tell all my friends I won’t buy I can’t be sure…

  29. YankeeDoodle says:

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  32. Melanie clark says:

    Ive just come out of a four year relationship, im broken and cant stop thinking about my ex we were about to buy my house off my ex husband and he signed all the papers in front of me then the next day said he cant do it and finished our four year relationship. I have other problems with a ex husband who is now trying to take me to court regarding the sale of my house. I cant take all this anymore. I have three beautiful boys and they dont need to see me go through all this again.

  33. Hi…I read your acticle and somehow feel dat it might help. I tried to meditate but my mind if full of so many questions dat i do not get answers. My life is full of tensions at the moment . My love life is in its worse situation and my carrier is goin no where. I am 30yrs old girl n Done MBA in HR but just doin a simple job of receptioinist with very less salary. I want to do something creative but dnt knw wot to choose and is it right to invest money in a course like dat. Also financially i am not from very rich family so i ve to save money for my marriage as well. But dnt knw when it will happen because the person whom i want to marry is bound due to some family promises and is not not tlking to me at all but i cannot marry anyone else because i love him so much.I am in the most difficult situation of life. plz help if you can.

  34. sk sahidul islam says:

    plz helf me . I have problem to get a job. what will i do. plz tell me somthing !!!
    name – sk sahidul islam
    d.o.b. – 03.3.1979
    t.o.b. – 11.30 pm
    p.o.b. – shyamnagar, west bengal, india

  35. Chandni Jha says:

    Actually I am very confused about my life. Right now I am doing graduation in I.T i want to know whether i will be successful in I.T field.. Please tell me I am very depressed…

  36. Hi yasmin
    I am having problem in my married life my husband is living with my mother in law and is not ready to join me unless i patch up ith herb and starts talking to her and have normal relations with her. The reason why i had stopped talking to my inlaws was that they were very nasty to me, treated me very badly.
    I cannot on on conditions have any rlations with them now, they scare me, does that mean i will lose my husband , he is under lot of influence of my motherinlawa and she can change his mind anytime. Will he ever come back to me or will we get divorced?
    please see my future and ans me, my email address is : aspleosab@rediffmail.com

    Click for more: http://www.yasminboland.com/2010/02/predict-your-own-future/#ixzz2c5dVELMR

  37. Hi, I feel lost right now. I’m not sure if the career I am going for right now is right, or if my goals that I strive for will be reached? I feel that everything that I do is just average, because when I see other people around me they always excel in their best subjects. While I’m over here Lost, unsure of what I want and unsure of what I obtain.

  38. Tell me something that will happen this school year. Or like in my love life?

  39. Paola Ramirez says:

    Hi I’m in the 11 grade. My question is can you help me know if
    I’m going to pass some test that I have already taken more than
    2 times. Please hope you can help me.

    • Yasmin Boland says:

      You can pass if you work hard enough – it’s the same for everyone! Here is a card for guidance: Ah, you got Write. That means work hard on your writing, write out a study plan, your life career could involve writing. Good luck!

  40. I already reached age of 61, i hope to know about my future career in earning for my living. I hope to know about my future in this respect and would I have the chance to change my career to other fields and how would the development in different fields of career? grateful for your advice.

  41. How can I make my mom herself again? I miss her.

  42. Many thanks for such an intuitive and insightful article. :-)

    I find meditation difficult. However, I’ve recently discovered something called the sway test. I ask my inner self a question and if I sway forward it’s a yes; if I sway backwards it’s a no.

  43. Jessica says:

    Can you please tell me about my love life.

    • Yasmin Boland says:

      I will pick you a card about your love life: Oooh, fertility! That suggests that the time is ripe for love and maybe even babies! xoxo

  44. Please help! I have a very important job interview coming up. What can I do to make sure I’ll get the job? Also, I’ve been thinking about someone I loved many years ago. Is there any chance that we can be together again?

  45. Anonymous says:

    I’ve got to apply for university more or less solely on my photography portfolio as I don’t have enough ucas points, do I even have a chance? ://

    • Yasmin Boland says:

      Yes of course you have a chance! Good luck! And if that doesn’t work, try elsewhere. Invoke the Law of Attraction!

  46. I need your help, please tell me if my gf who recently dumped me, but I still have feelings for her. I wanted to find out did she ever loved me or not if she loved me would u ever realise her mistake and ever talk to me again. she dumped me and I was asking her the reasons, and she called cops on me. I haven’t called her, but I m very hurt.

    Please let me know if we ever come across and would she want to talk to me again, and miss me and realize she didn’t do right with me.

  47. Plz help me i want to move out of country with myy
    Husbnd will this be possible or wat i need to do plz telll

  48. Nadia sebastian. says:

    I want to know about my relationship. Plzz help me plzzzzz

    • Yasmin Boland says:

      Hi – I did your cards and it says everything will work out for you when it comes to your personal life and re your family life – take time out now, take a holiday, meditate. You just need to be sure you get involved only in trustworthy relationships. xo

  49. if i have a problem will you help me getting answers for me.

  50. I wish I knew what can do to make things easier on my and my family. My families health and husband are great. The only thing lacking is my career. I somehow, always find myself in the same shitty job. What can I do to get things better for me!

    • Yasmin Boland says:

      Read The Law of Attraction by Jerry and Esther Hicks. Then write your comment to me again. See the difference. I’m serious! xxxx

  51. Plaintain1 says:

    A great article. I’ve just started M/Meditation as I feel I need to take control over my anxiety. I was told years ago that I would be a ‘teacher’ but seems to be taking so long to happen so I want to find a way of tuning into myself so that I can move closer to my purpose. This article has ‘arrived’ at the right time. Thanks!

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